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Campus Reps Meeting to review design from Nobox, and discuss next steps for the project.

Changes to Nobox's original design

  • Remove horizontal navigation bar from header
  • Create new vertical navigation block in right sidebar
  • Move Campus Reps logo to new block in right sidebar (above the new menu)
  • Remove the blue background
  • Create the "Marketing" page to be a more general page within SFX (not Campus Reps specific)
    • Change "materials" to "resources" to be consistent with SFX redesign

Solo site vs. On SFx

  • Based on our discussions and weighing the pros and cons, we're sticking to implementing the guide in SFX
  • On SFx
    • Pros
      • better identity, SFx is meant to be the home of such projects, that's what it's there for
      • better resource sharing, having lots of resources in one spot makes SFx better, and makes discovery easier for the end-user
      • less change, campus reps already has a place and identity on SFx. End users know where it lives.
    • Cons
      • Tools suck, but campus reps could be a good drive to get the tools upgraded
      • Design will have to change. Aspects of the new design just don't fit on SFx
  • Solo site
    • Pros
      • more room to work with the new design
    • Cons
      • worse identity,
      • big change for end users.
      • The home of campus reps changes.
      • The dynamic content tools would all change
        • lots more work to figure out new dynamic tools (comments, news posts, discussions, events, etc)
      • linking from SFx to solo site drives content away from SFx

Major design flaws

  • looks like a site within a site
  • horizontal navigation
  • Drupal sidebar navigation
    • designs show the view of a logged out user, when logged in, Drupal's per-project nav is going to make this really confusing
  • "Mozilla Community Marketing" could be used by all SFx members, shouldn't be specific to Campus Reps


  • resources vs. materials
    • during sfx v3, we changed materials -> resources
  • Projects vs Sfx Projects
    • this has a major impact on projects page header in the new design
  • lots of images
    • could make implementation a pain, but I'd have to ask neilio/rdoherty what they think
    • makes site slower
  • whole thing seems geared toward new campus reps
  • Marketing page
    • "ideas", "ways to educate", "stay connected" are the real meat of the page and should get more emphasis
    • Each point should lead to more information, lots of info, to make it easy for campus reps to get rolling
  • design is very rigid, which makes l10n impossible
    • we don't l10n now, so we'll have to jump this hurdle in the future when we do


  • per-project branding
  • per-project secondary nav
    • Example 1
    • part of this could be that the navigation can have a custom color, to match the logo
  • Ask the community what they think about the new design
  • minimized sfx header


  • What kind of tools do you need?
  • Can these tools be 3rd party?
  • What is dynamic content, what is static?
    • How will this dynamic content change?
  • Google maps
    • Where do the locations for the markers come from?
    • [This is future implementation, but for now I will create a Google map of locations from the cities of my campus reps; I have this data in a spreadsheet]
  • As a solo site, how would you link to SFx? How would you link from SFx-> solo site?
  • Do campus reps have to register?
  • Let's say a user is an experienced campus rep, do they have a part of this design? i
  • what does a returning user need from a campus reps website?
  • What happens to the "river of news" that exists on the campus reps page currently?

My Humble Opinions (buchanae)

  • blue background color should go
  • There is an over load of campus reps branding in the header
  • The navigation is hidden among all the other large images in the header