Campus Party Colombia 2012

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Campus Party Colombia 2012


The event will start on 2012/06/25 12:00:00 AM till 2012/07/01 12:00:00 AM.


Bogota, Colombia, LATAM


This event is owned by danyjavierb


It is estimated that >1000 people will be at the event.


Campus Party is the largest global technology festival encompassing innovation, creativity, science and digital entertainment. For seven days, thousands of "campuseros" live on-site, surrounded by a unique environment where lectures, workshops, competitions and hackathons take place simultaneously, in this event we will have an stand to speak about the mozilla mision, and interact with possible contributors all the days and live in this event all the days and all time, representing mozilla.

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We will have an stand all the time 24H, to speak about our projects( we need to confirm a participation with a conference), are a week of mozilla evangelism.