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Next Steps

  • Rob Strong to work on updater pieces, will give an update next week
  • Limi to work with UI to do design & mockups
  • Sayer to keep pushing on updating the release schedule
  • Will get together next week to discuss


  • Rename "dev" to "experimental."
  • Firefox name for experimental, beta and final, but minefield for nightlies.
  • Concerns about bundle names in the short term.
  • Will probably be part of the About dialog.
  • Opportunity to roll out server features to betas and devs as well.


  • Profiles are a major concern - downgrading is scary.
  • Add-ons are a concern.
    • Might have to disable binary add-ons, a huge concern.
    • Discussion of whether or not they check.
  • Discussion of automatic updates, notification and disabling updates.
    • Should be possible to turn it off, but not to ignore anupdate when it shows up.
    • Should have a way to show off new features after update.
  • Update process.
    • Should do it on shutdown or with a service.
    • Windows is highest priority, Mac is lower.
    • Will still have an update notification.
    • Talk about security as little as possible, makes people nervous.