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This plugin displays the last track you submitted to, and more.

The first time you use the plugin, you have to set your account name using "/lastfm-set-user <name>".

User commands:

  • np - now playing
  • artists - your top artists

Artist commands:

  • tags - top tags
  • albums - top albums
  • tracks - top tracks
  • similar - artists similar to the given one

Each of these commands has a variant that displays the result as an INFO, i.e. only for you and not in the channel you are in. Just add an "i" before the command's name, e.g. "/iartists".

If you give no artist name to the artist commands, your last played track's artist is used.

If you give a number as the first argument, then that is used to limit the number of displayed values, e.g. "/itags 15 the beatles" shows 15 tags instead of 7.


Download File:Last-fm.tar and untar it into your "scripts" folder. Then restart ChatZilla or "/load" the "init.js" file.

See for further details on how to install a plugin.