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Identity Attached Storage is simple cloud storage for authenticated user agents.


Milestone Name Description
M1 FxA Storage MVP Partner with FxA enabled product (ReadingList)
M2 Consumer Storage MVP Solve general web dev challenges. Overview
M3 Expanding Service Expanding the storage to partners

M1 Goals

  • Partner with an Firefox Accounts (FxA) product (sync, marketplace, reading list) to drive feature set and scale deployment. From this partnership, we'll acquire key insights, identify value proposition, and potential for next iteration.
  • Build a foundational set of tools (authentication and storage) for Mozillians to rapidly prototype client features with simple cloud services.
  • M1 will be the foundation of a open source identity attached application storage service which can integrate with any OAuth2 compatible identity provider.

M2 Goals

  • Learning from M1 we can gain clarity on how we can open the product for solving general web development problems.
  • Some material about more general cloud storage is located in CloudServices/Storage

Project Players

  • M1 Owner: TBD
  • Project Manager: Edwin Wong
  • Product Manger: Bill Maggs

Initial Design


  • Why is FxA required in M1?
    • Building a successful MVP benefits from partnering with client product rather than build an api and hope for adoption. Products will help refine and force the appropriate decisions earlier in the development process rather than at the point of implementation. FxA simplifies some of the initial challenges that bloat product development. M2 offers opportunities to decentralize the service.
  • Why this is not a generic kv store?
    • A key difference is that this attached storage behaves more like sync rather than a pure database.
  • Will Identity attached storage solve all my storage needs?
    • No, more complex storage requirements will require more purpose built solutions.