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Can I download the entire raw database?

No. While we try to make the service as open as possible, the underlying data contains personally identifiable information from both the users uploading data to us and from the owners of WiFi devices. We cannot publicly share this data without consent from those users.

According to our privacy policy we can and do publicize the aggregated data set of cell locations at http://location.services.mozilla.com/downloads

What license is the data going the be available under?

See above. The data we publish is under a public domain license (CC-0).

Did you talk to project X?

We have contacted and are in talks with a number of existing projects. See a list of the projects at CloudServices/Location/DataSources for projects and companies known to us.

Is the app available in the play store?

Yes! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.mozilla.mozstumbler

Is there an app for Apple's iOS?

No. Apple's iOS is a closed environment, which limits the kinds of applications you can develop. A stumbler app needs to access and gather data about cell and WiFi networks, but Apple purposefully prevents access to this information. There is no way to even ask the user to allow this collection, the operating system itself just doesn't expose this information to app developers in the form of API's.

Do you collect the SSID from WiFi networks

The SSID is the clear text name you see when connecting to any WiFi. In addition each WiFi has a BSSID (which is often the MAC address of the WiFi device). The BSSID is a unique identifier and as such sufficient to distinguish WiFi networks for the purpose of the location service. We follow the general principle of "only collect what you need" and as such don't collect SSIDs.