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Stumbler client


  • Hanno's pretty leaderboard and map
  • Hanno to replace map with a heat map: issue #8?
  • Started breaking down incoming JSON blobs into tables, preparation for analysis and more detailed stats
  • Alpha blocking issues?


  • Status of third-party data providers

Next Actions

  • Plan work week for geolocation roadmap (i.e. invite Hanno to California :)
  • Tentative Vancouver meeting with mmayo regarding UX
  • Submit stumbler to Google Play Store (under a personal account, not Mozilla) so we can get more testers and easier updates.
  • Determine how best to synchronize stumbler's three data streams: Wi-Fi scans, cell IDs, and GPS fixes.
  • We need to analyze the quality of our data
    • We may want to remove the stumbler's 500 meter accuracy limit or increase it to 1000 meters.
    • Hanno is going to implement a search API so the stumbler can compare the devices' GPS location with the server's prediction.
    • Compare our stumbler data with other sources
    • Hanno says duplicate measurements for the same AP are not a problem.
    • We should increase the variety of devices used because different hardware will have different GPS capabilities, radio drivers and antennas.