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  • New FxOS stumbler project underway at, discussions started on dev-marketplace/dev-webapps list about ways to distribute it (it uses privileged APIs).


  • Some of the async queues couldn't handle the load. As a result data processing is currently disabled, leading to the search/geolocate API's not getting new data and the "unique" stat numbers not being updated. Fix is non-trivial and will take until next week. All incoming data is stored and we don't lose any data, just some reprocessing is required once things are fixed.


Next Actions

  • Respond to mail, welcome new contributors
  • Server: Get async queues working again, start new features for the leaderboard
  • Client: store measurements in local SQLite DB, display on map (for "fog of war" guide), and export data. With these client changes, we should be read for a pilot program for hired drivers.
  • Document new API key for test clients
  • Document client release process
  • Follow up with interested partners and researchers