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  • More fixes and translations from the community


  • Processed remaining wifi backlog and re-enabled chart
  • Tweaked the wifi blacklisting code to be less aggressive
  • Rewrote some of the daily stats tasks to cope with increased data size
  • Enhance and fix the importer script and import files provided by some users
  • Continue discussion with mapbox and tried out tilemill, waiting on more feedback


Next Actions

  • Continue splitting up tasks in the expanded server side team
  • Hanno to look at website improvements beyond the map and rewrite some more code to cope with increased data sizes
  • rtilder and cpeterson to discuss data privacy and next steps for working with jishnu and afowler
  • rtilder to poke mmayo about game contractor
  • rtilder to ask dougt about getting an Android developer to help on MozStumbler
  • vng to help on server
  • elancaster to ask dougt about partner questions