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  • Any news from mmayo about game developer?
  • dougt replaced Google Map View with OSM map tiles!
    • But cpeterson gets tile 404 errors: "Problem downloading MapTile: /10/166/398 HTTP response: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found"


  • Much progress on automated deployments, thx to Dean Wilson
  • Got rtiler and vng properly on board and do some actual work
  • Update website to follow some current best practices (example CSP), to prepare for feature additions


  • Next steps?
  • Move meeting to Wednesday at 10:00 AM?
  • dougt to meet with Nick Doty about privacy?
  • How to increase user engagement?
    • Add background mode option for passive contributors
    • Add 7-day leaderboard to incentivize active contributors
    • Outreach to Mozilla Reps or other stumbling communities?
  • Last week, rtilder said he would:
    • schedule a meeting with cpeterson to discuss data privacy and next steps for working with jishnu and afowler
    • ask dougt about getting an Android developer to help on MozStumbler part-time.

Next Actions

  • hannosch will reschedule weekly meeting to Wednesday at 10:00 AM
  • cpeterson will follow up with Pierros about Mozilla Reps
  • cpeterson to release new MozStumbler with OSM maps
  • cpeterson (?) to poke jishnu and ibarlow about Fennec geolocation text
  • move MozStumbler project from dougt to mozilla
  • dougt to meet with Nick Doty about privacy?