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Note taker: mrz


  • Running early beta on ESX based Weave (25000 users).
  • Hardware buildout
    • (oremj) OS loaded
    • (labs) needs to figure out backend storage
    • (labs) needs to load sofware


  • Need to figure out storage story
    • (labs) gather I/O data, what's the read vs write load?
    • (IT) setup test NDB cluster, input 25000 users & test?
  • SSL / src IP
    • Losing src IP
      • currently behind Netscaler
      • (dmoore) long term behind Cisco ACE, won't lose src IP
    • (IT) Look at stunnel for performance
  • Nagios/Monitoring
    • (IT) install Nagios
    • (labs) define monitoring requirements
    • (labs) who gets alerts? how to fix? (depends on requirements)

Round Table

  • Monitoring
    • IT uses Nagios
    • (toby) is centos standard? No, RHEL5.
  • Current diagram: