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  • Matthew set up ndb on 2 of the nodes, so we can run test suite there
  • Toby wrote sharding code (that he now gets to throw away!)

LDAP replication

  • 2 options: central ldap contains full subtrees for each node & their users, or
  • central ldap contains indexes for users but doesn't contain full trees, they are contained in each node's ldap server only
    • in this scenario, needs to handle LDAP referrals (since the data might not live on the master).
  • housekeeping: on client deletion, we need to delete user storage on the node. there might be some regulatory issues here.

Action items:

  • ldap version updates needed to current ldap setup [aravind]
  • decide if proxyfs01/02/03 (webdav) should be updated or nuked [anant,toby,aravind]
  • update schema, add node trees [aravind]
  • set up replication for new real hw node (pm-*) [aravind]
  • need to change any server code that does ldap queries for schema changes [anant]
  • need to change current server code that uses db to use ldap instead [anant,toby]


  • need to figure out test server -> real node migration