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  • client code (dmills) - unknown, dmills missing (in interview)
  • mgmt/monitoring - heartbeat page, returns 200 ok
    • checks LDAP, R/W & R/O content
    • Nagios will alert via email (toby/oremj) initially
    • wrote code to check how fast user data is growing, db space monitoring
    • needs access to db replica
  • Migration scripts
    • Not doing it
    • User data will start with a fresh sync
    • LDAP migration done
      • Old server (pm-proxy01) has new schema
      • Just need to copy LDAP data to pm-weaveadmin01
      • Needs final migration just prior to launch
  • "Where am I server"
  • Ready for testing!


  • Need test plan (toby) EOB


  • Bespin
    • launched, will only check for username conflicts for later migration