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  • purged mysql databaes
  • Not integrating bespin at this time
  • Anant worked on web pages (sm-proxy01 /
  • Discussion over front-end website
    • production vs. labs
    • Have path to move from labs/quick iteration -> production
    • Between putting into production, need to work on registration API

Load Testing

  • Didn't test SSL
  • (mrz) know how to scale SSL (hardware, stunnel, something else), not concerned with this
  • Results show that we can support a large number of queries


  • Heartbeat monitoring
    • Needs to be setup in Nagios
    • ACE monitoring

Task list to Launch

  • Monitoring
  • DNS
    • -> LDAP slaves? LDAP master?
      • need to figure out where this lives, should get redundancy
  • Client push