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  • 0.5/0.6/1.0 roadmap
  • UX work
  • People store latest
  • Forum activity, help
  • Blogging!
  • Sync performance - yes, please!
  • Identity
  • Documentation/wiki revamp


  • Personas has been delayed by a week, so no server side stuff for Weave until then.
  • Let's get everything needed into 1.0 PRD and then chop it into milestones.
  • General approach is to get high risk items for 1.0 into 0.5 so we can start stabilizing. UX refresh is not a high risk item, but depends on us getting some cycles from design resource.
  • We need a wiki page to help users turn on verbose debugging.
    • AI: Dan will put something together for now.
  • UX work - we need a better first run user experience. Setting up is a bit difficult. We are looking at replacing the wizard with an about:weave page.
  • People store - Jetpack and Weave both want it, but we need a core database we want to build together. We want to keep it very simple for now.
  • Dan wants feedback on whether this should be an XPCOM component or a JS module? Also, should this be a C++ component or not? Leaning towards XPCOM. We are planning on a Sprint, don't know when.
    • AI: MConnor is going to see if we can someone on the firefox team to help.
  • Incremental sync vs. comprehensive sync. Doesn't feel like a 1.0 feature. We should look at the Crypto Proxy as an effective way for addressing the mobile use cases.
  • AI: MConnor is volunteering to do some benchmarks for performance on various hardware/os combination.
  • Identity sprints: Quick demo of auto registration.
  • We are seeing some failures with OpenID authentications, suspect it may be due to us not implementing stateful authentication.
  • AI: WEP about Add-Ons sync/storage API. Dan is going to write up a first draft.