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  • 0.5 release details
  • Server/cluster update (Toby)
  • Performance benchmarking (mconnor)
    • Do we need a crypto proxy for fennec?
  • Quick round table on who's working on what
  • 0.6 planning


  • Still on track for Wednesday. Plan is to do an RC tomorrow.
  • Ran full 5x tests and 10x write tests. Replication isn't able to keep up with the latter. Considering a different model decoupling front ends and back ends. 1:4 is current ratio of write:front ends, moving to 1:0.667. We have 4 front ends today.
  • AI: We will need to order 2 more backend database machines.
  • Not sure unit test coverage is enough. Some build stuff discussion.
  • What % are spending on crypto rather than other stuff - we need to measure this to determine if we need a crypto proxy for fennec.
  • Anant: porting crypto proxy to comply with WEP-101.
  • Zandr: stunnel may help reduce CPU load. Off to BH/DefCon. Back on Tuesday.
  • Dan: about:weave, figuring out the sprints for labs week, need to plan future.
    • AI: Dan to poke to get reviews on WEP-100.
  • Ed: Fennec performance stuff
  • Toby: docs, stunnel, user boxes, out Friday.
  • Connor: Benchmarking, blog post, 0.6.
  • AI: Anant is going to help Doug Turner going with the WinMo weave client.
  • AI: Ragavan to write up 0.6 plan on wiki.
  • AI: Next bug triage session on Wednesday 7/29. Time TBD.