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  • Talk about load testing
  • Triage for 0.8


  • We need to use the staging cluster now that the other half of the hardware is here.
    • AI: Set up staging cluster.
    • AI: Run perl based load tests on the new front end machines.
    • Zandr/Toby will take the lead for getting the load tests going. MHanson will consult as needed.

  • We will need something different in the not too distant future where we simulate client behavior a little better and are able to do more representative load tests, but for now we'll at least get this going.
  • We need to get a combined dashboard going that has both MHanson's scripts as well as Toby's scripts.
    • AI: MHanson needs to check in scripts.
    • AI: MHansons needs to cron the scripts.
    • AI: MHanson will own figuring out a strategy to produce a combined dashboard.
  • By Thursday, we should know our load testing story a little better.
  • Aravind will start helping out with various production deployment tasks.