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Follow-up on action items from last week

Status of 0.8

  • Firefox UI [MConnor]
  • Fennec UI [MConnor/Mardak]
  • Partial sync improvements [Mardak]
  • When are we shipping 0.8pre1?


  • Stripping out auto-login pieces [?]
  • Dev branch [Thunder]
  • Plan for distributing auto-login pieces [All]


  • No IT/Toby, will carry over action items.
  • MHanson is waiting on Toby for combining the dashboard.
  • No MConnor (traveling).
  • MConnor has been volunteered to work on the fennec UI.
  • Increase sync frequency as well as increasing # of items we sync patches have landed. Order is tougher.
    • AI: Mardak is going to measure perceived performance on desktop/netbook doing a full sync. If the hit is <= 1sec, then just do full sync and only do partial sync based on frecency on mobile.
  • AI: Thunder is going to clone current hg and create the dev branch repository.
  • AI: Our developer docs need to start living on MDC. We need a plan.
  • AI: Anant is going to write up a WEP for auto registration.
  • AI: Anant is going to incorporate feedback from Mardak on the preference sync WEP and post an updated WEP.