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  • Follow-ups
    • Split user reg and sync server code into separate repos. (Toby)
    • Run new load tests and update spreadsheets for no slave config. (MHanson/Zandr)

  • Notes
  • AI: Aravind is going to take care of the separate repos for user reg and sync server code.
  • AI: We need Arzhel to resolve 508658, but we need to move on this. Zandr may take it back.
  • AI: Zandr is going to kick off the load tests. Should know by Monday.
  • 22 blockers for 1.0b3, 16 or so UI,
  • All data types are locked for 1.0, but we may want to add per-engine versioning.
  • Code complete for b3 by Monday. We should also be string frozen by b3.
  • AI: Ragavan to give sethb a heads-up that we should be string frozen by early next week.
  • Server should be code frozen since b2.
  • We really need to get the load test results back before we bring up the new servers.
  • Plan is to push out 1.0b3 server with no slave config on Tuesday and release the client on Wednesday.