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  • 1.0 GA plan.
  • Personas bug update.
  • Sync tabs for single client users (load/capacity tests?).
  • Server update.
  • Ops update.


  • Very close to being code complete, pending a couple of bugs.
  • Personas bug was worked around last night.
  • We should file bugs for longer term solutions.
  • Fixes for everything landed.
  • 1.0b3 should be in the hands of AMO users soon (today)
  • 1.0pre1 should be released to dev channel today.
  • QA should hammer and hopefully we won't need an 1.0RC or else we'll have to figure out AMO again.
  • Server changes being tested in staging now.
  • Push to production seems likely on Thursday.
  • Not running 8 masters yet, waiting on HP to still help fix hardware issue.
  • Downtime on even numbered shards tonight.
  • We are currently running 4 masters right now.
  • We have the right indicators to scream if we run out of disk space.