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  • Dev environment setup reqs
  • 1.2 client update
  • 1.2 server update
  • Roadmap in progress
  • 2.0 Server plan


  • Target date for 1.2 server:
  • Under heavy load, memcache causes resource exhaustion faster. We aren't using persistent connections, but turning that on would cause other ops work.
  • 1.2 client is aimed at addressing items that came up during security review as well as a few other minor client features. About 20 open blockers.
  • Next week we should be able to present roadmap at this meeting for the rest of 2010.
  • We need to rerun the tests so Tim has access to the information he wants to make the decision regarding. Toby and Tim to sync up and have information to share
  • Python or PHP? Morgamic and Mhanson are going to own and come back with a decision.
  • Hardware platform - supermicro looks like the solution, confirmation next week.