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  • Org news/update - Justin?
  • Server scalability recommendation
  • 1.2 client status
  • Sync 2010 roadmap


  • Client Engineering, Server Engineering, Ops
  • Use weave-all for most communications, weave-team is mostly administrivia.
  • MySQL is the DB winner, everything else has been eliminated.
  • Table/user has issues with too many file users. 500users/table might be a good compromise.
  • Maria seems like a good engine to go with as well.
  • Testing one other option (splitting meta data from payload).
  • 2 spindle node, 35 writes/sec, 200 reads/sec which is worse than 1 spindle.
  • We still need a per user model.
  • We need an engineering meeting on Friday to figure out the db/hardware platform recommendation.
  • Testing coverage with buildbot is good, hasn't been integrated with nagios yet.
    • QA process on the server side? Tony is going to talk to Clint to figure out next steps.
  • User registration/authentication doesn't have load tests nor unit tests.
  • We need server versions.
  • 1.2 is pretty much on track for end of the month.
  • We need a better plan with QA including resourcing.
    • AI: Tony is going to sit down with mconnor/mardak with a plan.
  • QA will need about a week for the testing.
  • 1.3 will be more towards unit test coverage, getting the code restructured to get into firefox.