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  • 1.3 release updates
    • Server
      • bug 547808 - Expire reset tokens every 12 hours - last marked blocker, telliott says he's got this one
      • bug 560588 - async user creation / deletion in LDAP - is a 1.3 blocker, hoping to have a working impl by end-of-week
    • Ops
      • ramping up recruiting efforts for weave ops
      • phong/jdow onsite PHX Apr 26 for rack & stack
    • Client
    • QA
      • Client:
        • When are 1.3pre builds ready for qa?
        • more testcases added to testplan. run through tests this week
        • 1.3pre testday planned for april 23. please attend!
        • go through 1.3pre fixes
      • Load:
        • release checklist to be completed by matt this week
        • handing to ops to create load tests, while qa works in conjunction to monitors output
        • also coordinating a time to monitor client load from 3rd party company, uTest
      • Thick client automation (jgriffin)
    • add on review triage
    • support
  • Marketing/branding update (start page? Name?)
  • iPhone client update
    • best thing since the iPhone itself (mrz)
  • Post 1.3 plan


  • User migration is ready to be tested in dev.
  • Shouldn't require downtime, but will be after the production h/w is done.
  • The production systems will be available from the 5th for server load testing.
  • Functional testing against production from the 5th.
  • Load testing will happen the week after against the production.
  • Observations will happen from the 11th using utest.
  • Security evaluations will also happen the same week.
  • Server blocker: async user creation using gearman.
  • 1.3pre1 to ship on Thursday to get early feedback from Friday's test day.
    • New Firefox UI, including first run UX issues.
    • Known functional bug fixes.
    • Won't include code audit done and unit tests.
  • All code blockers will be done by April 30 (will not include unit tests).
  • Security evaluations will start on the client from the 3rd.
  • AI: mrz will add HA testing to the qa checklist (what happens when we lose a cable etc)
  • AI: We need to triage add-on reviews. Ragavan and Justin to work on that.
  • AI: We need a support plan. Ragavan and Tenser to work on that.
  • AI: Figure out if we can make string changes to the name for 1.3 or if we will need a 1.4.
  • iPhone client is about 6-8 weeks away.