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  • Congratulations on Firefox Sync 1.3!
  • Servers are doing fine - 10K on PHX now and.... *no* crashes!
  • We also announced Firefox Home for the iPhone last week.
  • A few other loose ends
    • l10n
    • Unit test coverage - Philipp's been busy.
  • What's next
    • Keep an eye on metrics, forums, servers
    • Tackle user migrations
    • Release a quick 1.4
    • Prepare for landing on trunk
  • Sync at summit - thoughts/ideas for presentations.
  • MConnor/Philipp in town next week.
  • Move Sync meeting to 10 AM pacific on Mondays.
  • IT Updates
    • Working to setup VM servers
      • will work on moving wr-reg/wr-sreg services behind Weave cloud (06/09)
    • Backups
    • Security review
      • not sure if we did this before launch


  • l10n hasn't caught up on the web pages yet.
  • 23 green locales now, we shipped with 18.
  • Philipp has a tool that looks at code coverage. Currently at about 60% coverage.
  • Need some build bot integration. MConnor to check with joduinn on next steps.
  • Trending is missing from monitoring.
  • MySQL is being backed up right now.
  • 1.4 plan should be out on the wiki in the next day or so.
  • Sync meeting moved to 10 AM Pacific on Mondays.
  • How do we get better load testing? We need a clear owner and a plan to drive this forward.
    • AI: Justin to work with Toby and Matt to come up a plan going forward.
  • AI: Schedule a post-mortem.