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  • Follow ups from last week:
    • Plan for load test
    • 1.3 release post-mortem
  • 1.3 stats
    • 91,045 add-on downloads in the last week. (Up from ~40k/week prior to 1.3)
    • 30K total, 22.5K active users in 10 days.
  • Metrics update
  • 1.3.1 and migration/communication plan
    • l10n update, communication
  • 1.4 release
  • Landing plan


  • Need to work on getting a plan for for load test.
  • AI: Buildbot for client, server needs to be built. MConnor will figure out next step.
  • AI: MConnor and Ragavan to figure out downloads/adu formula
  • We aren't getting data from PHX into the metrics dashboard now.
  • Ken and mrz are going to sync up to get this done asap.
  • Migration plan - once we get to 75%, we should be good to migrate.
  • AI: We need to document how we are actually doing the migration and test it.
  • Don't need to let the l10n guys know anything 'cos nothing is changing there.
  • We still need a more comprehensive plan for landing. That will be firmed down this week.
  • Database crashes are still happening during backups, we have a workaround. Tim is going to talk to MontyAB to figure out next steps.