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  • AI: Buildbot for client, server needs to be built. MConnor will figure out next step.
  • AI: MConnor and Ragavan to figure out downloads/adu formula
  • AI: We need to document how we are actually doing the migration and test it.

This week:

  • 1.4 client
  • Migration plan with 1.3.1
  • Landing
  • Summit ideas


  • Not string frozen yet, but should happen today.
  • Code frozen by end of day tomorrow.
  • Beta 1 of 1.4 should by out by Wednesday at the latest.
  • zpao has cycles at the end of the quarter to help out with Sync if needed.
  • We are likely not going to land in time for Fx 4 Beta 1.
  • Ideally, we want to land on trunk and then they branch.
  • AI: MConnor is going to sync up with johnath, stuart and mfinkle on when they'll branch and when we can land.
  • Buildbot plan will happen later this week.
  • 1.3.1 uptake is at 50%, we'll revisit when to do later this week (perhaps on Thursday).
  • Summit: Toby to do a lightning talk on how we scale Sync.
  • AI: MConnor is going to drive quotas engineering plan, probably first assignment for Tarek.