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  • Everything is staying frosty since the switch to InnoDB
  • Request from ops to build a single config that all tools can share (app/admin scripts/metrics)
  • RAID Experiments
    • tried variations of RAID + LVM + only RAID
      • RAID10 is best (vs. LVM tricks)
    • 15k RPM 600GB disks, toasted under load
  • Dev/Stage
    • hardware on order, ETA ~week
  • New Cluster
    • on order
    • 2u Twin motherboards back ordered, waiting on ETA.
    • new thermocab, ETA ~ Aug 7
    • PDUs/switching ETA -this week-

Fx Sync

  • Key issues
    • Private browsing/never remember history disables Sync, need to make a plan to fix (mconnor on point for plan, at least)
    • Issues around UTF-8 passwords (Philipp working on patch)
    • UX issues are still drawing attention (mconnor needs to finish patch and blog)

Fx Home

  • Launched (woo!), driving a lot of user signups (30k in first day)
  • Some mixed feedback on store, lots of disappointment that there aren't browsing options


  • Need to plan the next few months out, Toby/Tarek/mconnor to sit down, possibly today.




Notes and Actions