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  • Time: Tuesday at 9:15 AM PST / 12:15 PM EST / 5:15 PM UTC.
  • Place: Mozilla HQ, North Bridge
  • Phone (US/Intl): 650 903 0800 x92 Conf: 8616#
  • Phone (Toronto): 416 848 3114 x92 Conf: 8616#
  • Phone (US): 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf: 8616#



  • Building out loadtesting cluster in scl2 to test python code
  • Getting F1 into staging
  • scl2 monitoring to work with infra monitoring, phx to be worked on next


Python Sync Server (Tarek)

  • Tarek is out this week, waiting on bench environment to test perf.

Python Reg Server (Tarek)

  • Current plan is to do this first, due to some pending sreg changes.

PHP Sync Server (Toby)

LDAP changes ready to go out next Monday

Identity Server (JR/rnewman)

  • added email registration and verification urls
  • added user info (currently first/last name, more to come)
  • cleaned up user page
  • added some testing, hit issue with beaker sessions in test, adding work around

QA: work with JR to determine testing plan for ID server

F1 (Share) (Philipp/Tarek)

  • Completed client-side account storage
  • Working on preference UI now

Firefox Home (Stefan)

Sync Client (rnewman)

Fixing a whole bunch of broken stuff:

  • timing bug in queryAsync bug 618052 (would like to land in Aurora)
  • working on eliminating server inconsistency during key error handling bug 650208
  • test cleanup bug 648371
  • j-pake client fix

Sync 1.8.0 in Aurora

  • don't error on HMAC failures
  • don't hit URL length limit
  • Sync specific User-Agent
  • Storage API bump (1.0 -> 1.1)
  • clean up client-specific data (tabs, client records)
  • removing compat code

Roadmap is starting to look stable, so I'll be splitting time between necessary fixes and the big desirable work items.

QA: We are working on a testing plan for the Fx faster release process.

Notifications (Shane/Alex)

Finished send-to-tab feature using notifications as well as automatic synchronization across multiple clients when a new subscription is made. Worked on cleaning up notifications client data when a user disables the notifications feature or sync.






Notes and actions

Follow ups from last week

Other issues