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This page has been archived and its contents may be out of date.

This page is from a 2015 project. See Toolkit:Password Manager for password manager documentation.


This is a Firefox Accounts-authenticated cloud based password manager.


Internet users need to log in to websites and services. We want to make it easier.

Why Do This?

  • We will make the login experience as simple and effective as it can be. Existing password managers in the browser don't work well. Third party password managers compete with each other on heavyweight, revenue-enhancing features and disrupt the user experience.
  • Firefox has reach and credibility. We are the User Agent and can make the login process better in ways others cannot. We can do this in a positive way without resorting to fear, shame, and uncertainty.
  • Mozilla is uniquely able to harness an open and vibrant community to make logging across the Internet better. This will be an ongoing effort involving cooperation of community, users, and developers--what the Web is best at.

Current Status

  • TODO: Kick off meeting, user stories, research and wire frames



Milestone Name Notes
M1 MVP Desktop and Android: Efficacy Improvement, Improved UI
M2 V1 Shared Passwords, Password Suggestion, Form Fill, Apps?

Product Definition



  • Ship alpha in 2015-Q2 in Firefox Nightly


  • How do we keep up with forward and backward compatibility with changing form field identifiers
  • How do we build this to optimize landing of code. Consider low level add on?

Project Owners

  • Engineering Manager/Product Owner: Chris Karlof
  • Cloud Services Product Manager: Bill Maggs
  • Desktop Product Manager: Bryan Clark
  • Android Product Manager: Deb Richardson
  • Desktop Engineering Lead: TBD
  • Android Engineering Lead: Margaret Leibovic
  • Technical Project Manager: Edwin Wong
  • UX Lead: Ryan Feeley