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Do not edit this page unless either:

  1. you are a module owner who is:
    • altering the list of peers in your module
    • adding or removing a sub-module
    • changing the owner of one of your sub-modules; or
  2. you have agreed a change of owner or module addition/deletion with the Module Ownership Module group, probably via mozilla.governance.

If you are working in this area of the code, note the rules for patches to Toolkit. If you're having trouble choosing a peer for review then look at the list of owners and suggested reviewers for the submodules.

Name: Toolkit (#)
Description: XUL Toolkit
Owner: Dave Townsend
Peer(s): All Firefox peers and Dietrich Ayala, Mark Finkle, Ryan Flint, Nathan Froyd, Axel Hecht, Edward Lee, Margaret Leibovic, Mark Mentovai, Ted Mielczarek, Brian Nicholson, David Rajchenbach-Teller, Neil Rashbrook, Irving Reid, Gregory Szorc, Doug Turner
Source Dir(s): toolkit, xulrunner, chrome
Discussion Group: dev-platform