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2013 Q1 Services Roadmap



  • Deploy Sync 2.0 to AWS in preparation for client launch.
  • Provide Operations with any needed support to get Sync 1.1 out of the SCL2 colo.
  • Implement Sync as single entity above the database connection layer.
  • Explore cluster control systems for 2.0, including zookeeper, with an eye to redundant data storage.


(tarek, alexis, hanno)

Signing & Payments

(rtilder, trink)

  • Establish a clearer set of stakeholders in cert chain and form into committee
  • Move from post-based signing to queue-based signing for apps
  • Document differing standards of crypto for the signing services for operations
  • Document state-of-the-union for future internal crypto developers

Heka (Metrics)

(rmiller, bbangert, vng, trink)

  • Design a binary protocol for faster message transit. [DONE]
  • Improve the implementation of the transport layer to provide options with lower overhead / higher reliability. [DONE]
  • Work with operations so that Heka is an automatic and push-button part of AWS deployments. [DEFERRED - NO AWS PRODUCT DEPLOYMENTS YET]
  • Incorporate Heka into production Sync 1.1 and 2.0 [DONE]
  • Spec and implement an aggregation framework for events. [DONE]
  • Replace remaining non-metlog logstash use cases around sync (pencil, monitoring). [DONE, PENDING OPERATIONS PRIORITY]
  • Promote Heka to the wider open-source community and bring an external contributor or two on board. [ONGOING, NO CONTRIBUTORS YET]

Campaign Manager



(tarek, alexis, hanno)