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2013 Q2 Services Roadmap

EU Team

(tarek, alexis, hanno)

Heka (Metrics)

(rmiller, bbangert, vng, trink)

  • Release the 0.2 version to the public by end of April.
  • Begin community promotional push to encourage wider adoption.
  • Write to real-time persistent data store (Cassandra).
  • Formalize the Heka transport spec.
  • Generate a Web-based dashboard to monitor Heka's internal state.
  • Create first versions of the node and python Heka clients

Campaign Manager


  • Continued support for current Campaign Manager deployment
  • Explore with marketing possibilities for enhanced future version.


(jrconlin, rtilder)

  • Deliver working, pushed v1 service - implementing current SimplePush spec.
  • Provide Websocket, https, and plugin component for proprietary communications
  • Final infrastructure plan for scaling (how users are assigned, how boxes are spun up, etc)
  • Scale out socket connections
  • Heka integration



  • PICL datastore server (shared goal)