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The Service Builder project is part of Project Sagrada , providing a tool for developers to create the application boiler-plate code that follow Services standards.



  • Tarek Ziadé

User Requirements

Phase 1

The first phase consists of building Cornice, a framework on the top of Pylons geared towards writing web services.


  • simple declaration of web services
  • documentation of the APIs for free
  • XXX to be completed

Phase 2

In a second phase, Service Builder will be a simple command-line tool to generate a standard Python app via a wizard.

The generated app will be based on Cornice and will provide the boiler plate code and files that we need to build, release, deploy the application.

For the continuous integration aspect + DVCS, there will be no automated steps but what needs to be done after the app is generated, will be explained in detail:

  • add a task in our Jenkins instance (semi-automated)
  • push the code in Github


  • The tool is a one-shot call to create an application
  • The tool asks questions and generates the application
  • The tool generates a report with explanations for the next steps

The expected result is a directory containing a Cornice-based app.