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Plan for shipping Sync Atomic IO in Firefox

  1. Atomic writes storage server code complete and ready for testing
  2. Server Staged
  3. Server test pass 1 completed (smoke level test pass)
  4. Server is ready for client to be developed against (not officially ready for client testing)
  5. Server test pass 2 - server can handle production traffic for at least one node.
    1. no more than 10% regression in queries per sec
    2. no regression in count of 503 statuses emitted.
    3. no blockers
    4. Need to fix sharding issue, merge all code to master, and final test pass
    5. Ops run live traffic testing to baseline performance chars
    6. Tune record size config from data around test nodes.
  6. Server is deployed to production (server can handle atomic and partial writes from client based on header)
  7. Client can land in Nightly using production sync server. Server is backward compatible and sends atomic IO support header.
  8. Measure and analyze traffic and behavior.
  9. Upon 'GO' from testing and metrics, clients ride train to Release channel using production server


  • Currently we are at Step 5
  • Client support is not blocked and active for Android, iOS, and Desktop.
  • Karl/Bobm to define "Test Pass 2"
  • Need test plan for roll back scenarios, server switches headers from support to no-atomic writes support.