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Tips for Debugging a Sync Client Log

Firefox Sync clients can generate a lot of logging output, which is helpful for debugging sync client problems but can be very hard work to wade through. This page is a collection of common things to look for when trying to diagnose an issue from sync client logs.

How to get Good Logs

See the following pages for details on how to produce sync client logs:

Error What it means What you can do about it
Sync.SyncScheduler DEBUG Got backoff notification: 3600000ms The server is currently underwater and is asking the sync client to try again later. All we can do is wait until the server no longet has a heavy queue. Please notify the team if this goes on for more than 24 hours.
Sync.BrowserIDManager ERROR Failed to fetch a token for authentication: TokenServerClientError({"message":"assertion argument is not valid."}) OR Sync.Status DEBUG Status.login: => There was a login failure and an underlying server or network error. TBA
Error in UI What it means What you can do about it
"Unexpected error" on sign in The server encountered an error when trying to log you in Report this to the sync services team and file a bug with the affected platform above.
Exceeded limit or link is expired on Password reset You have tried to reset your password 10 times All we can do is wait 30 minutes to try the reset again. Please also check the spam filter if you have not received an email.
Sync.Status DEBUG Status.login: success.login => error.login.reason.no_recoverykey OR Wrong Recovery Key IF you are on the old sync, please update to the new one. If this occurs on the new sync there may be an expired token. Remove the account and add the account back.
Sync options are greyed out. This means the sync is in progress or the error message on the page. On android, enable sync data for the Firefox Account. On the Desktop this should not happen.
"Unknown Account" This means that your account is not recognized. Could you have set up your account on the old sync? Please update to the new one.
"Sync encountered an error while syncing: Incorrect account name or password. Sync will automatically retry this action" and a "Preferences" button." This means there is an issue with the login Check the saved login it it is, and if it continues to happen check if cookies are saved in the browser settings.

Things to Look For

This will soon be filled in with common log messages and details on what they mean, whether they're bugs, how to resolve them, etc.