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Please do not edit these pages without permission of the Mozilla Labs Weave project team. Your feedback and comments are welcomed on the discussion page.

Weekly Status


  • Weave server prototype is implemented
  • Weave UE on Fennec is spec'ed out; remaining items are one-time tasks such as registration, login, preferences.
  • Some progress on additional resources; still a yellow flag


  • Weave server continued progress on implementation; on target
  • Fennec team developing UE for integrating Weave features
  • Additional resources to help with Weave on Fennec still pending


  • Discussed Weave support feature requirements with Fennec team
  • Preliminary plan with Milestones posted at 0.3 Release
  • Prototyping new Weave server & API needed before other components can be built

Issues & Actions

Id Issue Owner Status
1 Resources to deliver Weave 0.3 not finalized; waiting on task scoping. Plan not final. nkishore Finish task scoping and finalize resource plan
2 User experience for Fennec Weave extension is unscheduled currently Fennec Fennec team to determine UE
3 Need a reasonable solution to clean up data on phone if lost/stolen Dan Mills Open
4 Given limited local cache on device resolve degree to which data must be compressed. This needs testing to determine the best approach. Dan Open
5 Method of notifications in Fennec for reporting Weave alerts, warnings, logs, etc. Stuart Open