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Server Engineering (Owner: Toby)

  • Tag and deploy a stable version of code - DONE
    • 1.3 tagged for sync, registration and registration-secure
  • Enable mx scripts
    • Documentation [5/20] DONE
    • Scripts have been rewritten to work with cleaner config. Need multiple-node setup to test on. [5/21] DONE
    • At this point, it becomes an operations issue.
  • Test migration [5/24]

Client Engineering (Owner: MConnor)

Key Links:

l10n dashboard services.m.c stage


  • b6 release [5/21]
    • string frozen, tagged in both repos (weave + en-US)
    • includes all green locales from l10n
    • pointing at final URLs
  • RC1 release [5/24]
    • All locales showing green as of 8 AM PDT Monday will be included in this build.
  • Spin final release build (late Monday/early Tuesday) [5/25]
    • stage to AMO once we have a go (Tuesday AM?)

Web stuff:

  • [5/21]
    • get updated privacy policy/Terms of Service docs from legal and into SVN [5/21]
    • provide links on to new URLs - [5/21]
    • rebranding done and all content in place - [5/21]

Ops (Owner: mrz)

  • Make load test work ✓
  • Infrastructure changes
    • Augment frontend network infrastructure (05/21) ✓
    • Replace HDDs in LDAP slaves with SSDs (05/21) ✓
  • Get monitoring in place (05/24)
  • Get trending in place (05/24)
    • LDAP replication
  • Get ops playbook done
    • perpetual work in progress
  • Lock down iptables/fw rules [5/23]
    • Zeus

Security (Owner: Clyon)

  • Verify logging in production (once load testing is completed 5/21) [bug 567436]
  • Verify security event rules are firing (5/21 once logging is completed)
  • Final infrastructure review (5/24 to be completed by, will start 5/21)

QA (Owner: TChung)

  • Complete utest (eta Monday 5/24) see matts email
  • QA will resume testing beta 6 when available, and run through smoketests and bfts. ETA to run those without hiccups is 2-4 hours. This will be against production server (includes fennec)
    • update: beta 6 landed 5/21, so targeting signoff on 5/24. - PASS

Marketing (Owner: Mayumi)

  • Blog post ready - DONE
  • Web pages ready [5/21]

Support (Owner: Ragavan/Tenser)

Metrics (Owner: Ken)

  • Make sure metrics are in place and ready to point at the new environment
    • We are in good shape -- it doesn't look like we need to do any major refactoring, IT should be able to deploy the kit we provided to staging to test with. [5/23]