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Why are we doing about:weave? These are our high level design goals, with some best practices sprinkled in.

  • Reduce the number of steps between downloading the Sync add-on and actually getting sync set up and running.
  • Emphasize weave's guiding principles, especially:
    • Encryption by default
    • Freedom to set up your own server
    • Choice of what (not) to sync
  • Optimize for sane defaults but allow for power users to tweak settings all they want
  • Keep users informed of what we're doing at all points - this is their data we're working with
  • Warn them before taking extreme actions, such as:
    • Deleting all data
    • Starting over etc.
  • Get out of their way as much as possible and only prompt if some information that's required is missing
  • Ensure users have a sense of accomplishment when they set up Sync.
  • FIXME - Dan has a few other points he wants to add here.