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The following are some sample dialogs to make the UI more personable and conversational.

Welcome Dialog

User has just installed the Sync add-on and restarted her browser. She gets a welcome bubble:

Welcome to Sync - the service that lets you take your firefox experience anywhere you go.

To get started, you will need to login to your Mozilla account. If you don't have one, click here to create an account.

New Account Creation Dialog

To create your account, we'll just need a few pieces of information.

Pick a username: (You will use this to access all your Mozilla services)

Pick a password (min. 8 characters)

Pick a secret phrase (min. 8 characters) (This is used to encrypt/decrypt all your data so that only you have access to it at all times)

Email address (You will use this to retrieve forgotten passwords and for other account related communications)

Captcha (Because iris scans are a bit more complicated) (This is used to prove you are not an automated computer program)

Terms of Service

<Create account>

Successful Account Creation

Great. Your account <account_name> has been successfully created. Let's now select the data you want to sync with all your computers and phones.

[x] Tabs (Access any open tabs from any of your computers, especially useful if you need to get up and go)

[x] Bookmarks (Share your bookmarks across all of your computers, never miss a link)

[x] Passwords (Forget your passwords, we'll remember them for you)

[x] Form history (Filling out forms was never easier, even on those hard to type devices)

[x] Preferences (Like your Personas? You won't have to leave them behind)

[x] History (Your Awesomebar will always be with you)

For Advanced Users, you can also specify a different server than the default Mozilla servers to store your encrypted data <enter server URL here>


Sync Settings Confirmation Dialog

Thanks! That's all we need to get you going. You will now be able to access your data from any of your other computers and phones.

You can always access this page by clicking on your user name here. (Pointer to status bar)