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Planning for 2013 Learning Parties

We're building off last year's "Summer Code Party" to host a new learning campaign.

The theme is "making is learning."

It will happen between ca. June - August in cities around the world and in corporation with a lot of great organizations.

What you can do

Who's coming to the party?

  • Hive Learning Networks in New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Athens, London and more
  • National Writing Project
  • MIT Media Lab
  • CERN
  • tent) MAKE Magazine
  • MacArthur
  • Mozilla Japan
  • Hackidemia
  • Mozilla Uruguay / One Laptop Per Child
  • Mozilla Ignite, NSF event in DC.
  • LA Makerspace
  • Joplin Public Library
  • tent) Wikimedia Germany
  • Citizen Cyberscience Center