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Coherent @ UIT
University/College: University Institute of Technology- RGPV
City: Bhopal
Country: India
Contact Info
Club Lead: Akshat Gupta
Club Founder: Kushagra Varade
Website: Coherent @ UIT's Website
Facebook: Https://
Twitter: [1]
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Faculty Mentor: Dr. Piyush Shukla  

About Us

We are the open source enthusiast from Bhopal contributing in various Mozilla projects to make internet better and accessible to all. We work in an collaborative way and share knowledge with other contributors.We are students of Computer Science Engineering.The active members of the group are:
1. Kushagra Varade (Ex-ClubLead)
2. Sakshi Rajput(Ex-WoMoz Head)
3. Richa Kushwaha (Ex-WoMoz Asst Head)
4. Akshat Gupta (Club Lead)
5. Varsha Nagele (WoMoz Incharge)
6. Sneha Herle (Asst WoMoz Incharge)


  • initiative:   Webmaker
  • category:   people
  • hashtag:   #coherent@uit
  • date:   28 MAR 2015
  • description:  This event is for the students of Engineering to Know the web better and can make the web free. We also teach Webmaker tools and discuss the FSA program and its steps to follow. Event will be hosted by our new recruited FSA, Kushagra Varade

  • initiative:   Firefox OS Launch campaign
  • category:   Apps
  • hashtag:   #mozUit
  • date:   10 & 11 SEP 2015
  • description:   This event is for the university students who are eager to learn mobile app dev and teach the web to the world, In this Day-1 we will concentrate on Firefox Mobile OS apps and Day - 2 we will teach the web (Webmaker Mobile App).

FxHindi Campaign
  • initiative:   Firefox for Android campaign
  • category:  Firefox Desktop
  • hashtag:   #fxcamp #hindi
  • date & Time:   05 OCT TO 05 NOV 2015
  • description   In support of Grow Firefox download in Indian Languages - Pilot campaign. We are organizing a session to tell the web users why Firefox is best browser. Features of Firefox (privacy, security, Hello, do not track me etc). And after installing the Hindi version, make Firefox their default browser by their choice.

Techtoria v1.0
  • initiative:   Community Spaces program
  • category   Webmaker
  • hashtag   ‪#‎TeachtheWeb‬ #mozuit #MozMP
  • date & Time:   16 to 25 OCT 2015
  • description  An online event in which you will be introduced to the products of Mozilla such as Webmaker Android App. Live online teaching & learning session will take place using Hangouts on how to use the Mozilla Webmaker App. You then have design your makes and submit it to us. Mozilla Swag packs will be awarded to winners of the Madhya Pradesh, India Region.

Coherent Annual meetup
  • initiative:   MozCoffee
  • category:  Meetup
  • hashtag:   #Coherent #Mozmp
  • date & Time:   27 July 2016
  • description   This is a closed club meetup in order to plan the new strategy for upcoming events for Mozilla campaign. Moreover the agenda is to reboot our club, assign some new tasks and also to make everyone up to date with the Mozilla India new reboot system.

for updates of upcoming events like our fb page: 

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