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Collusion is an experimental add-on for Firefox and allows you to see all the third parties that are tracking your movements across the Web. It will show, in real time, how that data creates a spider-web of interaction between companies and other trackers.

What we are working on now for Collusion includes:

  • What do I do now? Usability improvements to help you take control of your browsing privacy.
  • Too much data, what does it mean? Visualization improvements for when the tracker graph grows unwieldy.
  • How does this compare to others? Anonymously share your tracker data with Mozilla so we can build a bigger picture of who is tracking what.
  • What are the trends? A public API from the tracker database for mashups, specialized visualizations, etc. Track whether a site gets more or less invasive over time, how your favourite sites fare, and much more.


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Communication Channels

Weekly meetings will be Thursdays, 11am Pacific.

Issues List Mailing List

IRC channel is #collusion on Development mailing list

Collusion blog

Collusion Sub-Pages

News and blog posts

The original Collusion blog post by Atul Varma:

TED video

The Next Phase of the Collusion Project David Ascher's post

Explaining Third-Party Cookies by Heather Tsang

Cookies exposed through infographics by Sabrina Ng

Emily Carr Design Team's Tumblr blog for all things (useful and other) related to the Collusion visualization.

Happy Privacy Day! An Update from the Collusion Visualization Design Team

Recommended Reading

Getting Started

If you would like to work on creating new visualizations, or modifying the existing one(s), we are working to add that facility with a workshop mode. There will be an announcement on the collusion-dev mailing list, and more information here when that happens.