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This page is dedicated to Mozillians to update them & provide them with information on how to participate in community activities on Data Privacy Day.

Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day is an international holiday that occurs every January 28. The purpose of Data Privacy Day (Data Protection Day in Europe) is to raise awareness and promote privacy and data protection best practices.

Privacy and User Control are key values for Mozilla and Firefox. Data Privacy Day is an opportunity for us to raise the volume and awareness of Mozilla and Firefox as advocates for empowered online life!

"Get Smart on Privacy" Page

Privacy is an important element to our online lives. For many of us, it's a complicated and confusing issue. But, there are smart, simple things you can know and do to help you take control and create an online privacy environment that is right for you.

Mozilla and Firefox is here to help you understand privacy and develop your own online Personal Privacy Practices to use anywhere on the web. We bring you:

Smart on Privacy: smart tools & insights for your personal privacy practices!

Let's use this to generate conversation about privacy. Use #SmartonPrivacy and tweet out any tools & insights you have to help people develop their own privacy practices. Thank you for being an influencer!

Join the #Privacy Chat

What is it?

Data Privacy Day is coming up on January 28 and we’re excited to strike up a conversation. To educate users everywhere about online privacy, we’re hosting an hour-long Twitter #PrivacyChat.

Mozilla has long been a champion of privacy. This is an opportunity for us, you, and everyone to elevate our voices on the topic of online privacy!

How You Can Join

On January 28 at 11am PT (2pm ET, 7pm UTC), log onto Twitter and follow the hashtag #PrivacyChat. From there, we encourage you to:

  • Ask questions using the #PrivacyChat hashtag. @Mozilla will be weighing in with answers alongside industry leaders like Gabriel Weinberg of @duckduckgo, Michelle Dennedy of @McAfee, Eric King of @PrivacyInt and more from iKeepSafe, Privacy International, and Center for Democracy and Technology! We extend a warm invitation for you to join in on this exciting event!
  • Answer questions you see in the stream using the #PrivacyChat hashtag. There will be questions that @Firefox as the chat moderator asks, and additionally questions that Twitter users will ask about privacy.

Invite Others!

Starting now through the 28th, you can help us publicize the Twitter chat!

Nologo privacyDay january facebook-timeline.png

  • Tweet this to encourage people to join in: Mark your calendars! Learn about how to keep your info private online during @Firefox #PrivacyChat on 1/28 at 11am PT.

Tools to Use

Firefox aims to keep your surfing habits privacy. Check out these tools to give you better insight and control into the ways your personal information is collected, used, stored and shared online:

Education Resources

Compiled here is a list of resources to further educate yourself & others about Privacy: