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NOTE: The list will be reviewed and updated every 3 months

Task Force

Each Contribution Area has a Task Force Team. Task Forces are groups of individuals with a similar interest who focus on a specific Area of contribution(SUMO, Localization, QA, Engagement, Web-Dev, IT ).

  • Each Task Force has Mentor(s) to help newcomers to get started in the regional community. Mentor's encourage contributors to document his/her activities during this period to learn and grow accordingly.
  • There is no limit on the number of casual contributors to a Task Force.
  • Tasks
    • Each Task Force can have tasks, a small work that has to be done assigned to a contributor. Not mandatory to have big/complex infrastructure like bugzilla for these assignments.
    • Each task has a description, person in charge, due date and status. They are listed on their corresponding area/project page and also in the profile of the person in change of it. This last thing it’s very important because it’s a way to friendly remind people they have something to do.
  • Projects:

Every initiative is a new project, from “Localizing AMO” to “Improve site design” or “Tips and tricks for beginners”. Anyone can create a new project. Each task force can have any number of projects.

Who can be part of the Mozilla South Asia Task Force?

Any contributor of Mozilla in South Asia region can choose to be part of the Mozilla SA Task Force Team.

The list of the task force teams can be found here.


Mentors are the casual/ core contributors who take up the responsibility to help/ guide others. This is an additional responsibility.

How can one become a mentor?

Member applying to become a mentor must meet at-least some of the set of requirements:

  • be in the community long enough(at-least 1 year) to know all its internal organization.
  • having worked in the local community at least in one related project.
  • have knowledge of the area pretending to be a mentor.
  • show initiative and personal treatment facility to new members.
  • mentors help members of the team become future mentors.
  • coordinate with the team at Mozilla Headquarters
  • have time to talk to new members and answer any questions they may have.
  • being a Mozilla rep may be a plus but not mandatory.

If you are game enough to be a mentor and help new members, please write to us at join at *TBD* dot org. For the mentor to be listed as "official", the person must communicate with any other current provisional mentor area and spend time as a co-mentor before becoming a mentor. This means that the first rookie will take together and guided by the current mentor, who will teach the basic mechanisms for the role of mentor.

  • If you are an existing Mozilla contributor from South Asia and wish to join any of the above task force team, add your name below 'Contributor(s)' at the respective task force team.


For any type of conflict resolution or guidance, contact Gen Kanai or look for Mozilla Conductors. Conductors are a group of people who have offered to be available to give advice, counsel and support to fellow community members.


To learn more about stewards and community builders involved with bringing in volunteers to functional and regional areas, visit here.