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Examples of Support Given To Date

Supporting Individuals:

Carsten Book

The program purchased a new testing computer for a QA volunteer in Germany. The volunteer has been helping to lead all testing of past and present versions of Firefox. It turns out he needed a new PC to do his volunteer work. We researched what was possible and got him a new PC.

Supporting Projects:

Grant to Participatory Culture Foundation

Mozilla gave a $100,000 grant to the Participatory Culture Foundation, the makers of the Democracy Player. Democracy Player (soon to be named Miro) is a cool desktop application mashup of a video player, an RSS reader, an FTP & torrent client, and a channel guide. DP internal browser is built on Mozilla’s technology.

New Localization Server

Mozilla purchased a new l10n server for the localization community to use for file sharing and project collaboration. The server represents a leveraged investment by the community program because it gives substantially better resources to a large number of community members.

Supporting Community:

A meet-up for the accessibility community members

The program provided support for a three-day meeting in Boston in the United States for local developers concerned with accessibility issues for users with disabilities.

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