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Mozilla purchases huge amounts of hardware every year; all corporation hardware is refreshed every 2 years in fact. This leaves us with some amount of hardware that we try to sell, but otherwise it is either donated to the foundation or kept in storage.

This is an initative to make it easier for volunteers to make use of our unused equipment.

Currently the process requires an employee sponsor (we can help find one if needed), but vision and ambition is for this to be a completely independent process, but we're not sure how to get there just yet.

How it works

How to Request

1. Read the Policies in the section below

2. File a request here (You'll need to create an account)

3. We'll review the request within 72 hours normally (exluding time waiting for you), and if approved, a ticket will be filed to ship the device to you

Instructions for Employees

We ask that you request all volunteers who would like devices to follow this process. It ensures good documentation and value in shipping devices.

Please direct all volunteers to this page. If you would like to approve the request for the volunteer, please ask them to mention this is their request.

If you are nominated by a volunteer/asked to approve a device, here's some key points:

  1. Unless you, in special circumstances, are asked to, and agree to, the device will not be assigned to you in the inventory. It will be assigned to a member of our team for centralised management.
  2. We ask you to base approval on your knowledge of the volunteer's need, and if in doubt, ask us.
  3. Please direct all questions regarding this process to, not to ServiceDesk. We will liase with ServiceDesk where needed.


Main Policy

  1. The device we are shipping you belongs to Mozilla and Mozilla will retain ownership while it is in your possession
  2. You must report any damage/loss of the device to us using the Help Desk within 48 hours, alongside anything that seems to be a fault
  3. We reserve the right to request the device to be sent back to us if you leave the project, you break this policy, for repair, or in other exceptional circumstances.
  4. Make sure to notify us using the Help Desk if your contact details change.
  5. Have fun with your device, but please be sure to treat it with care and let us know if you have questions/concerns.

This email is sent to volunteers after their device has been approved, before we ship it, for them to confirm that they agree.

Review Policy

Approval is very much subjective. We do not have a specified criteria, due to internal limitations. Some basic points to note are:

  1. The Wrangler must preliminarily approve requests based on stock availability, shipping costs and other internal variables
  2. A full-time employee relevant to the requester's functional area must approve requests
  3. After both approvals, ServiceDesk still has final authority.

We understand that this is a very ambiguous policy. We'll try our best to cater to every reasonable request, but please appreciate that devices are limited.

Individual Requests

Currently, Mozilla hardware availability is low and therefore we are temporarily pausing requests for individuals until our stocks replenish. We appreciate your understanding as we work to improve our service delivery.