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This Community Event in Brazil will be an opportunity for members from both the Spanish-speaking and Portuguese-speaking communities to connect with Mitchell Baker and one another as plans are laid for FISL, Mozilla's mission in Latin America, and the new ideas coming from this part of the world.

When and Where

April 18th, 2009 from 10 am to 3 pm at the Golden Tulip Paulista Plaza Hotel, Alameda Santos, #85 São Paulo, Brazil. Lunch will be served during the meeting. After the event anyone who would like to can stick around for socializing or dinner.


Time Name Subject email
10:00 - 10:30h Bruno Magrani and Mitchell Baker Opening bmagrani at
TBD Bruno Magrani FISL Planning bmagrani at
TBD Mitchell Baker Vision of the Web in Latin America mitchell at
TBD Felipe Magrani, Marcio Galli, Bruno Magrani Mozilla on campus: campus reps, Mozilla education bmagrani at
TBD Marcio Galli Mozilla Addons Entrepreneurship Brainstorming mgalli at


Name Email Arriving Departing
Bruno Magrani bmagrani at April 16, 8:35 pm - CGH April 18, 7:50 pm - CGH
Clauber Stipkovic clauber.halic at
Marcio Galli - Taboca mgalli at
Mário Rinaldi lalo.rinaldi at
Renata Paes renataqp at
Andrea Balle arballe at April 18, 7:40 am - GRU April 18, 7:20 pm - GRU
Sulamita Garcia sulamita at
Joildo Santos joildo at
Felipe Gomes felipe.gomes at
Felipe Magrani magrani at April 18, 7:40 am - CGH April 18, 7:50 pm - GGH
Jailton Lopes jailton at April 18, 1:00 pm - CGH April 18, Not confirmed yet
Guillermo Movia guillermo.movia at April 16, 8:07 pm - GRU April 19, 5:57 pm - GRU
Vinicius Medina viniciusmedina at April 18, 06:00 am April 18, Not confirmed yet
Rafael Barbosa 86.rafael at
Paula Herculano paulaherculano at
Felipe Sanches felipe.sanches at
Roberto Parente robertop at
Diego Rabatone Oliveira diraol at
Fernando Alves Pereira fernando.takai at
Renato Rodrigues rraversp at gmail dot com
Filipe Grillo filipe.grillo at gmail dot com April 18, 09:00 am April 18, 03:00 am
Ariane Paola Gomes arianepaola at gmail dot com
Georgy Berdyshev codingmaster at gmail dot com
Carlos Tato Cortizo tato at
Bruno Caimar bruno dot caimar at gmail dot com
Fabricio Campos Zuardi 10am

Notes & Ideas

Topics for discussion:

  • Marketing/SpreadFirefox
    • How to reach and bring new users (non-programmers) to the community and support them spreadfirefox in Brazil?
      • participation in events?
    • Campus Reps
    • How to promote graphics on the web?
      • SVG (Felipe S.)
  • Distributed subtitling system
  • How to promote Firefox in companies
    • Make available a FAQ with tips regarding setting up internal update server for Firefox
    • How to make a msi package?
  • Addon community in Brazil
  • Open education

  • Events:
    • FISL
    • Organize community events to talk about Firefox and Mozilla (Firefox developer day)
    • Suggestions of other events for Mozilla participation
    • Open Participation Contest
  • How can Mozilla help with resources? (Mitchell)