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webcompat tracking flag

A Bugzilla webcompat tracking flag exists. Its purpose is to put interop and compat bugs on the radar, to be triaged and prioritized accordingly.

Webcompat Priority? bugs

Webcompat Priority? bugs are regularly triaged with the following outcomes:

1. webcompat+ is set and a priority is assigned to one of the following whiteboard tags, depending on the number of affected sites (or dupes), or how the issue affects top sites or other strategic initiatives.

2. The tracking flag is left alone. The intention is to keep potentially important issues on our radar by not removing the flag — as we become aware of more site breakage it will be re-triaged and prioritized accordingly.

3. The tracking flag is cleared. This probably means the issue is not considered a compatibility issue.

Untracked queries

All bugs

Category Untracked Untracked to Revisit
DOM webcompat? webcompat-revisit
Layout webcompat? webcompat-revisit
All webcompat-revisit
Non-Core webcompat?

Recently Fixed Bugs

Priority set, fixed in the last 2 months

Priority unset, fixed in the last 2 months