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This page explains Webcompat Priority flags on Bugzilla. There is a specific process for Triaging and processing reports.

WebCompat Priority project flag

A Bugzilla "Webcompat Priority" project flag exists, and people can set its value to "?" to put a bug on the radar of this triage program.


Webcompat Priority Meaning on Bugzilla

Webcompat Priority is an intended signal for the Core Teams to help them decide along Severity, Performance, Business objectives, if the work should be prioritized for a team. A core team may decide it's not worth working on this right now based on the Webcompat Priority. The Webcompat Priority will change depending on the circumstances. It can start as a P3 and evolves with time toward a P1, because the issue is acute across the Web.

Webcompat Priority have 3 essential values: from P1 to P3. P1 is the highest priority.

  • P1: The Webcompat team sets P1 when usually the Core bug creates issues for a lot sites (spread widely) OR if the site has a high ranking internationally or in a specific locale (it affects a lot of users). A good indicator is to look at the seeAlso list of bugs and/or duplicates on this bug. We try as much as possible to have real live websites, more than just test cases illustrating the issues. A known implementation difference (aka interoperability issues) between Blink, WebKit and Gecko doesn't necessary create a higher priority for Webcompat.
  • P2: @@better definition here@@
  • P3: When a Webcompat issue affects a live site with a low ranking, we will usually start the priority at P3.
  • revisit: When we are not sure yet what we should do with this bug. It's not entirely clear that it breaks real websites in a significant way that would make it a priority. Some interop issues might fall in this category where we know that there are implementation differences, but these do not create breakages online.
  • -: Ideally this is never set because it seems rude. Clearing the flag for non-priorities seems like a better outcome.
  • ---: This clears the flag. Perhaps this is a performance or a UI issue, or something else entirely. Not really an interop bug.

From Webcompat issues to Core Bugs

Triage Process

The basic idea is as follows:

  1. The WebCompat team triages and diagnoses site compat bugs (generally reported by our users to
  2. When they discover core interop bugs (as opposed to site bugs), they file a bug on Bugzilla, or identify an existing bug and they set `Webcompat Priority: ?` if it has not been set yet.
  3. During the Core Triage Meeting every other week of the Webcompat team Meeting, the Webcompat team (mostly people diagnosing webcompat issues) is looking at assessing a Webcompat Priority flag by checking the ? bugs. (see above for the definition of values).

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