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Connected Devices UX Team

Francis Djabri.jpeg
Francis Djabri
Jacqueline Savory.jpeg
Jacqueline Savory
Katie Caldwell.jpeg
Katie Caldwell
Liz Hunt.jpg
Elizabeth Hunt
Mihaela zahariev.jpg
Mihaela Zahariev
Tiffanie Shakespeare.jpeg
Tiffanie Shakespeare

Project Resourcing

Project Name Lead UX Support UX Research
Lighthouse Katie Tif Mihaela
Magnet Francis Liz Mihaela & Francis
Platform Liz Tif TBD
Research: Home Network Health Mihaela Katie & Tif N/A
Sensorweb Jacqueline Tif Mihaela
Voicebank TBD TBD TBD

Other User Experience Activities

Activity Lead Description
Blog Post - 2016 summary All A series of blog posts from the UX team looking back on 2016.
Blog Posts Tif Updates from the UX team during Q1.
CD group 2016 retrospective survey Mihaela Create a survey and analyze the results.
Mentor for Equal Rating Innovation Challenge Liz & Francis 1-5 hours per week for one month
Mentor for Spark Hackathon (MoFo event) Liz Hackathon for high-school kids in Virginia end of January
MoFo connections Katie & Liz Maintaining an active link between MoCo and MoFo IoT-focused groups
Mozilla IoT Vision Liz Illustrate future vision of IoT. Focus is on the kinds of experiences people could have (not what Mozilla is building or the technology)
Mozilla Research connections Francis & Mihaela Exploring research collaborations with other Mozilla teams with joint interests
Project Maple Tif Help consumers make more informed decisions when buying IoT products.
Proposal for how to kickstart new ideas Liz A simple framework for how CD can generate new product ideas (when we’re ready to do this again)
Support people’s professional goals All Share info amongst ourselves in Q1 to set up each UX person to make project choices in Q2 (i.e., swapping projects)