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At Mozilla, we work across product, law, policy, and ethics to design and develop trustworthy products that help people succeed and uphold basic human rights in societies around the world.

We believe in demonstrating our commitment to trust and safety through a measurable and systematic approach in our products from start to finish. That's why we created a program that focuses exclusively on developing products with our values in mind. This summary will include examples of how we incorporate our main pillars - transparency, equity, ethics, accountability, and privacy & security - in our products, and opportunities for creators and consumers to learn from and provide input on those decisions.

The challenges that face internet technologies today are complex and intertwined, and no one expert or organization knows all the answers. So we decided to do what we do best - open source the work we've done in this program to understand the problems and ways to address them. We want to work together with YOU our brilliant community of creators, contributors, and consumers of our products, to build a better, safer, more trustworthy internet.

We are sharing our approach here in the hope that it can help other industry stakeholders, as well as to invite and welcome feedback and input.

  1. consumer trust framework: High level framework for shared terminology, standard best practices, and key resources for experience integrity across Mozilla products.
  2. consumer trust toolkit: Guide primary product stakeholders: product owners, designers, user researchers, and engineers, to enable human centered development to achieve trusted product experiences.
  3. resource repository: Dynamic database of trust related resources including industry guidelines, government regulations/frameworks, and academic research.